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A FOCUSED WEBSITE IS CRITICAL  According to market research Mr/Mrs average consumer spends about 15 - 30 SECONDS checking out a website, deciding if it has what they want - that’s it. You have those few seconds to satisfy and intrigue them with your website design. If you make your website too fancy, it takes too long to load or it’s just not well laid out - the customer is gone.
                THE NEW “Phone Book”                       - CELL PHONES Many people are starting to search more and more on their cell phones. When it comes to cell phones, simple is the way to go, because the bigger and flashier the site the longer it takes to load on your cell phone. Research has shown that the longer the loading time, the less likely the person is going to complete the search. The goal is a high ranking on the search engines and quick load time for those with   satellite internet connections.
MAKING MONEY  - that’s the point! We will help you “keep the main thing - the main thing” so you can market your service or product. Making your website design productive. 
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Have you ever gone to a website but couldn’t find what you were looking for? The price or warranty information? I know I have, and if it takes more than 30 seconds to find something,  I WILL LEAVE and I bet you do to. So the question is - do you want your website to help you market your productor do you want people to leave in frustration?                                                                                                                               
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                                            WHY US? We will analyse your company and it’s philosophy and come up with a website that CLEARLY represents who you are and quickly directs your potential customer to find what you are selling. Remember your website is your face on the internet and you want your site to match your marketing strategy, clientèle and especially your business philosophy. Are you selling price? That requires one type of website. Are you selling luxury items? That requires another.
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