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Video or digital signage  Digital sign-age content may be both frequently  and easily updated, saving the printing and/or  construction costs associated with static sign- age, Also because of the interactive abilities  available through the accompanying employment  of such real-world interfaces as embedded touch  screens, movement detection and image capture  devices, it provides excellent marketing  potential. Using QR codes  QR Codes are simple little 2D images that when  scanned with a smart phone can direct the user  directly to a retailers website, Facebook Page or  even a YouTube Video. When you’re distributing promotional flyers include  a QR Code, you can have it directing people to  your website or even to a simple Youtube video.  Or  produce your own branded stickers with a QR code  and stick them on product tags, when customers  take their purchase home they can scan the code  and see your specially built web site designed to  give them more information. Video spokesperson A Video Spokesperson is one of the most  powerful types of video marketing, but like most  powerful things, it needs to be used with  intelligence and moderation. The use of a video spokesperson at several  places in your site helps to lead visitors down a  desired path. However, remember the higher the  graphic content the slower the load times -  especially for smart phones (Know your market) Smart phones. A study conducted in September 2012 concluded that 4 of 5  smart phone owners (85.9M U.S. users) are actually using the  device to shop. Are you ready? Bandwidth Is a term used to refer to various bit-rate measures,  representing the available or consumed data communication  resources expressed in bits per second or multiples of it. That  is a fancy way of saying “only so much water can flow through  a pipe”. Therefore the more graphic and media on the website,  the slower the download time. On a laptop this may not be  significant but on a smart phone this can be much longer,  sometimes too long. Remember in this case, the amount of  information is not limited by the actual device but on HOW they  get that information (i.e. wireless)
Business website keywords : Search engine usage and how “they” find you.  or “love them or hate them but you got to use them”    Computer search engines see ONLY text.  That information alone can help when designing a website. If your site is highly graphical but has very  little text content you can impress the humans but the computer search engines will consider your site of little  interest. Remembering that can save you months of frustration, wondering why no one is checking out your  site.  When crafting the text for your website you need to research what words are the most common for  searches in your business.  One way of searching these words out is simply checking out your competition,  seeing what words they use in their title.  Another method is checking out the search engine “suggestions” -  they usually contain the most common search words and terms.  You can also try using the Google Keyword Planner.  This is an excellent tool, just check out the suggested bid price and the “competition” column. It gives a  great bird’s eye view of what you should shoot for. After you have determined what people are searching  for, then you can make an informed decision of which keywords to use in your web page title,  and throughout the main texts of your website. Since you only have about 60 characters in your page title,  using a strong keyword in your title is better than using it in the description tag.    Carefully plan to use one or more relevant keywords in your title, and several times on each page  in the main text of the website. If you can use more than one keyword in the title while accurately  describing the content of your article, then do it. However, don’t go overboard with using numerous  top keywords in every location of your article. You want to optimize your article in a tasteful way without  compromising the relevance and quality of your writing. You need to find the right balance between  satisfying the search engines and not boring your human viewers. This is the art of search engine  optimization. 


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